What Makes Time Internet Solutions Easy Now for You

It is very important to always keep the router firmware updated, to avoid small malfunctions or bugs. Finally, it is always possible to increase and extend the range of your WI-FI, implementing the range extender solution or improving the traffic load distribution on each individual router. Both for support interventions and for system improvement interventions, Time Internet is able to follow and satisfy the needs of your business. For more information on the WI-FI technology and its uses you can browse the site or fill out the form and have one of our experts contact you. Using Best Time 100mbps in malaysia is a far better option in this case.

Best Time 100mbps in malaysia

Wi-Fi related solutions for your business

The WI-FI network has now a fundamental role in carrying out most of our work activities; the numbers speak for them: BYOD activity is increasing exponentially, so much so that forecasts for the next three years alone indicate an increase in WI-FI devices that will be around seven billion. Research data shows us that data consumption via Wi-Fi is already 44% higher if the device screen is 4.5 “or wider. 

  • In addition, they report that two companies on three allow their employees to work on their personal devices. Being able to exploit these trends can be crucial for companies, investing in mobility and the ability to remain constantly connected with employees and collaborators changes the work dynamics and opens up new possibilities. Furthermore, statistics show us that an attack on the security of an open network can take less than two seconds to be carried out and that 71% of all communications via mobile exploit the Wi-Fi. 

Therefore, it is increasingly important for companies to use firewall, defense and data back-up systems to protect themselves from any kind of attack. Whatever the current or future needs of your company, a cutting-edge and solid partner like Time Internet is the best choice to face the world of connectivity in an optimal and safe way and to discover the best business wi-fi solutions.

Best Time 100mbps in malaysia

The situation of broadband nationwide on costs

The national plan involves an increase in broadband services throughout the territory: only in some cities is it possible to use 30 Megabits while browsing and the percentage of interested parties is only 18%. This percentage in a few years should rise to at least 50% of the national territory.