What is a business school?

A business school is an organization providing training in areas of business management such as marketing, finance, human resources and management, thus enabling students to work in different economic sectors.

Contrary to what one might think, the emergence of business schools did not come after the development of research in management sciences. It is indeed necessary to go back to the beginning of the xix e century to find the first traces of these establishments of the higher education in the hexagon. In the United States, the first business schools appeared quite late, at the end of the 19th century. They take place within major universities. After this little historical parenthesis, business degree Malaysia invites you to come back to the different facets of higher business schools!

Business school in Malaysia

In Malaysia, a business school (often called a “business school”) is a higher education institution that offers degree courses in business, management and management. It generally offers several degrees, such as bts, bachelors or masters. It can also offer specialized courses.

It is interesting to note that the expression “business school” is based on an exclusively historical basis, insofar as no regulatory framework applies to the various establishments which claim this designation. However, several common characteristics bring a certain homogeneity to business schools:

  • Strong selection of students at entry based on academic and human criteria;
  • Omnipresence of the business world in the courses and openness to the professional sphere;
  • Internships and professional immersions planned at different stages of the training;
  • Research activities;

A particularly dynamic student life. 

Today, graduates of higher business schools are largely successful in the job market for quite objective reasons: they are particularly aware of the realities of the business world through their professional immersion. Repeated sessions and the regular intervention of professionals through seminars. They justify a certain versatility due to the heterogeneity of the subjects programmed and they are able to practice in an international context thanks to their mastery of at least one foreign language.

Business schools generally offer training courses designed in conjunction with professionals and regularly updated to avoid too large a gap between the theoretical and the reality on the ground. The courses are oriented towards the main sectors of activity of management, management, commerce but also entrepreneurship to promote business creation and takeover. The most prominent sectors are marketing, international trade, corporate and market finance, audit and management control, banking and insurance, human resources management, etc. Nearly 400 specialties are offered today by business schools in Malaysia. For more articles like this one, click here.